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Symptoms & Diagnosis

Hair Transplant
Hair Transplantation is the surgical method to treat acute irreparable hair loss or levels of alopecia in both genders.
It involves moving scalp hair and follicles from a dense donor area to the recipient area with baldness or thinning hair. They are removed by tube like punch graft or scalpel, and then transplanted into slits in bald areas of scalp.

Hair Loss is mainly a natural aging process or result from hereditary. But also can be caused by hormonal changes, certain medications, burns, illness or trauma or severe emotional stress. In any case, it affects a person’s appearance and self esteem seriously.

Fortunately, hair restoration surgeries are the solution for these annoying conditions.


Some ingredients of mesotherapy :

Benefits of Mesotherapy :

During the procedure, multiple injections are applied to the lateral and upper part of the scalp. In intensive phase, treatment requires 1 procedure in a week. This phase is around first 2 months. Later on, it is enough to attend one session in a month. Based on patient reviews, hair loss is reduced by 70% and hair growth experienced around %30 within 4 months.

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